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An MBA in Hiring (or what we learned from our hiring mistakes) with Nate Glissmeyer

October 12, 2022 School of Hiring Season 3 Episode 1
School of Hiring
An MBA in Hiring (or what we learned from our hiring mistakes) with Nate Glissmeyer
Show Notes

If we would teach an MBA class on how to hire what would we have in the curriculum? What are the essentials that all business leaders should learn when it comes to effective hiring and interviewing?

Well, it is all great to talk about the theory but one of the things that we all too often fear talking about is failure. It is easy to find a leader who is happy to discuss their success story or the theory behind it but finding one who is prepared to dig into their past and discuss their mistakes, take account of them, reflect on them and discuss what they learned is another thing altogether.

In this episode I am tremendously grateful to be joined by the Nate Glissmeyer who has spent a lot of his career at Amazon where he worked in the emerging Digital Services and Devices world, then called Kindle, but today spanning Fire TV and Alexa, as well as the tablet and e-reader businesses. Later he worked on the development of the hugely successful Amazon Kids+ product, which included a bespoke interface for kids before they could read or type.

Nate has a passion for customer-centric innovation and breaking paradigms have always been at the core. His approach is most clearly defined as one of harmonize the three aspects of “What are we doing for our customers?” (Product), “Do they know about us?” (Marketing), and “are we building it in a way that keeps us flexible and responsive to their needs?” (Tech). 

Over the years, Nate has been a part of not only Amazon but also founded companies and helped scale organisations within various sectors including, ecommerce, travel, and SaaS. At his own admittance, he has made plenty of mistakes and learned from them. From first hand experience of working with Nate as a hiring executive, I can only attest to this. He is the most engaged and engaging hiring manager I have had the pleasure of working with. His processes are based on exceptional clarity of communication and intent. There is little margin for error and yet candidates unanimously rate him as the best interviewer they have spoken with in their career.

So how would we structure the MBA class on effective hiring with Nate?

In this episode you will learn:

1. What hiring failures to avoid.
2. What can we learn from some past failures (both Nate's and mine)
3. If we were to teach an MBA class on hiring what would be in the curriculum

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