School of Hiring

How To Become Better At Hiring with Claus Höfele, Head of Engineering at Doctari Group

November 28, 2022 School of Hiring Season 3 Episode 4
School of Hiring
How To Become Better At Hiring with Claus Höfele, Head of Engineering at Doctari Group
Show Notes

How you hire has the single biggest impact on the foundations of your team and thus your business. There is little action of more significance that you as a leader can undertake. Your job as a leader is to build a team that can carry the business forward successfully. Full stop. 

Hiring is where it all starts. This is the foundation of any great team. Without great hiring you can not build great teams or healthy successful organisations. There however is no one way to make a great hire but there are thousands of ways to have your hiring process negatively impact your business, your team, your product, your brand and much more.

In fact, hiring is an all encompassing topic. It involves of course people operations but also sales, finance, procurement, marketing, and of course branding.

Hiring is such a difficult, multi dimensional topic and sadly one all too often diluted purely to the act of interviewing. What is even more surprising is that business schools do not teach about hiring. In a recent discussion with a professor at an executive MBA program I was told that the topic of hiring is left to the university careers services who focus solely on how their students get hired after their course completion. The topic of how to hire, interview, market to or negotiate with candidates does not come up in the curriculum even though the university teaches marketing, branding, negotiations and much more. A missed opportunity if you ask me.

This is why in today’s episode I will tackle the issue of how you as a leader can help yourself by identifying how you can improve your hiring process. 

In this episode I am joined by Claus Höfele, Head of Engineering at doctari group and previously Engineering Manager at HERE Technologies. Claus has 20+ years of experience working in the tech industry in Germany, Japan, and Australia and has spent the last 7 years developing his skills as a hiring manager. Furthermore, he is truly passionate about the topic of building teams and rivals me in his pursuit of improving how we hire.

Things you will learn in this episode:

1. Why is learning how to hire, such an important skill to invest time into.

2. What are the obstacles that most hiring managers put in their own way when it comes to hiring?

3. How effective collaboration across organisations helps you become better at hiring.

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