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New Work & Hiring For A New Generation with Dr. Tina Ruseva & Konstanty Sliwowski

December 20, 2022 School of Hiring
School of Hiring
New Work & Hiring For A New Generation with Dr. Tina Ruseva & Konstanty Sliwowski
Show Notes

There are so many questions we face as business leaders when it comes to the future. Even more so as we head into the unknown of 2023.

In this episode some of the questions we tackle are:

  • How will the sphere of work develop over the coming years? 
  • Will an economic downturn propell us back towards 5 day office work or will we continue on a trajectory that will result in a new status quo? 
  • Is the 4 day work week a inevitable outcome we are heading towards?
  • Is a status quo even possible when it comes to work or will companies increasingly compete in how they design their work environments? 
  • What will the emerging world of work, often also called, new work, look like and how should we as leaders prepare to hire, lead and retain people in it? 
  • How will the new generation of employees want to work and what will help them be more productive? 

To discuss this with me, Konstanty Sliwowski, I am joined by Dr. Tina Ruseva, the founder & CEO of Mentessa, a peer learning platform for the future of work that helps everyone in the workforce to maximise their potential. She is also the founder and driving force behind the Big & Growing New Work Festival, the biggest future of work conference in the DACH region.

As a female founder, festival host, coach, public speaker, author and mom of 2 Tina is an inspiration to many. She particularly loves working with women and young entrepreneurs in the Central and Eastern Europe to promote the use of technology as a means for social progress and innovation. She is an active mentor for women in STEM at the TU Munich as well as Technovation Girls, Techstars, Project Together, and is a regular jury member and speaker at academic entrepreneurship events like the Jacobs Startup Competition.

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